Writers block: get your creative juices flowing.

As a Media & Cultural Studies student I’m pretty much open to any kind of industry. This isn’t a promotion for my degree, although if you’re choosing what way you wanna go in the industry, it’s a good head start. Anyway, here are some collages I’ve put together of what music means to me.

Playing with graphics


Wiley x south London estates

This piece is something I’ve put together to show what I think of grime music. I took my own photos of tower blocks in south London and placed distorted image of the God father of grime, Wiley.


Chance the Rapper x Vapour Wave

Not exactly grime… but I thought I’d show my diverse music taste regardless. Chance the Rapper is probably the most innovative and inspirational rap artist at the moment. No label and he’s winning three Grammys, he’s pretty much a big deal. After listening to Acid Rap pretty much intoxicated, I delved into the Acid Rap trip and decided to create some of my feelings after my new spiritual passage with the album. Taking the style of Vapour Wave, another trippy genre but I’ll get back to you on that one, too diverse and open for now.




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