How to prepare for gigs: a ritual

We all like to go out. We all like to drink, maybe take some harder substances (don’t worry, we won’t judge), or just go stone-cold sober in order to have a good time. Here are my ways in which I prepare myself for the inevitable mess that I will become by the end of the night.


My 20th birthday party.

Growing up in Britain and being active on social media has made me come to the conclusion that pre-drinking is a national activity that most people in their youths do. Chilling, listening to good music, preparing money for the Uber, buying tickets to the club or even just pre-drinking before a house party to avoid the awkward beginnings where everyone is sober and you’re still waiting for people to join the party.

When it comes to going to gigs, I tend to prepare myself way before the gig. The next gig that I’m attending is Stormzy’s sold out Brixton o2 Academy show on the 2nd of May. Anyone who has bought tickets for big artists will know the struggle of waking up just before 9 am to fully function and be prepared to buy the tickets for the show. Refreshing, refreshing, scream of annoyance when you can’t get through on one site, 5 tabs open with different ticket sites, the stress is too real. Somehow, I managed to get two tickets to the show and I’m mentally preparing myself as we speak.

What I like to do, is a month before the gig I listen to the artists entire discography before going to the gig, just to avoid singing the wrong words and embarrassing myself in front of other fans in the room. The best way is mouthing …….. so it looks like you actually know what the hell is going on. My best way of avoiding that happening is simply forming my hands into gun fingers and simply stabbing the air screaming “skrrrrrrt.”

As a girl with an eccentric look, I like to keep my grandma hair intact, even when I’ve just woken up and am running late for my uni class. Before any event, I use my PRO:VOKE TOUCH OF SILVER shampoo and leave it in for an hour or so every other day to maintain my luscious curls. Kinda. Best thing to do is the night before any event, apply this shampoo for 1 hour or longer if you wish, and wait for the product to do its wonders.

Let me know how you get ready for a gig in the comments.




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