My 5 Best Blogs

Blogging about music can get a bit tedious at time. Taking a break from giving out my opinions and different reviews of different songs, here are my top 5 favourite blogs who may not be exactly my style of blogging, nevertheless they’re still doing bits.

For Women Of Colour 
A blog that empowers women is a blog that catches my entire attention. Her posts discuss her lifestyle while living in the big city along with activism and literature, which are pretty much all of my interests. This blog will definitely not fail to grasp your attention, she finds a way to life in this world as a woman of colour, a group of people that are constantly attacked throughout the mainstream media.

TV shows are my weakness. They are the biggest contributor of my procrastination with any responsibilities that I have. The blog has a deep analysis of what TV shows I’ve seen, which makes me feel pretty secure that someone else has the same views as me on these shows. If you’re ever stuck watching the same TV shows episodes over and over again, this blog will help you find the right show for you.

Small By Name, Big By City
This blog depicts my frustration with the city and what it’s truly like living here. The blog name had me hooked, the pun out of the authors name just makes you sit on the edge of your seat hoping for some witty blog posts on the documentation of the city.

Once Upon a Grime
The blog has everything you need about what poppin’ in the grime scene this week, next week and any other week really. Writing posts on artists who are still pretty underground in the scene to posting reviews for Stormzy’s ‘Cold’ video (I’ll get round to writing my own…. eventually).

The blog that inspired me to create this blog. Noisey is a site that blogs primarily about grime music and London hip-hop, it blogs about topics that aren’t PG, kinda. Owned by Vice, it’s edginess is the essence of the site; with humorous categories and more aware-ness articles that help out their young readers.


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