#Grime4Corbyn the election that defines millennials

Photo credit: VICE

On the 18th of April, 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May had announced a general election. May had promised a “strong and stable” Brexit; with no snap early election to be made during the period which would have triggered Brexit. The slogan “strong and stable” has become tedious and worn out, I don’t even think the Prime Minister believes it herself.

Coming from a migrant working-class family, whose family works on either 0 hour contracts with no real guarantee whether they’ll get any left over money after spending rent, and I’m not talking about myself. My mother, an A&E paramedic, works on a 0 Hour contract. She works for the NHS. You wouldn’t exactly think the NHS would even ALLOW 0 Hour contracts but yeah, they exist. My father and grandfather have been working in maintenance for  a rich man who owns a bunch of houses in wealthy areas of London. Not the best working environment along with lack of empathy towards them both. Myself, I work in retail. I don’t need to expand on how detrimental it is for me living here in London.

After Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader in 2016 against Owen Smith, I could not have been happier. The Labour manifesto is really speaking out for the majority, and not for the few. Corbyn uses rational strategies, especially against terrorism and selling armed weaponry to Saudi Arabia, who reportedly perpetuate the war crimes in Yemen and to ISIS, which leaders like Corbyn have urged May to release the delayed ‘sensitive’ Home Office document on spending of weaponry.

The recent terror attacks in the UK have made people weary that this definitely was not a coincidence, and could very well define who our Prime Minister will be in 4 days. But, let me get to the point of this blog post, how I believe that the millennials could save our future.

For the first time, young people have actually decided that they want to vote, with a quarter of a million registering to vote on the last day of registration. In the latest years of the internet, more and more young people are becoming ‘woke’ [socially aware] of the injustices that are happening around the world, particularly in the western world where they live in. In the UK, the inequality gap is at the highest since the Thatcher period meaning we’re just falling backwards, most of us may never be able to afford a house with the amount of private renters in comparison to social renters.

There has been a delicious rise in UK acts who actually are starting to give a shit about how the UK is turning out to be. I’ve already mentioned how Grime is essentially a national treasure, when the hashtag #Grime4Corbyn emerged, it had a deeper meaning than just now-popular artists supporting politics. Grime derives from East London, which before the 2012 Olympics, wasn’t a place tourists would hear about. Pioneers lived mainly in council estates, growing up with the struggle of surviving and hustling on roads, they represent the poorest in the city.

JME was the first to speak out on the movement, meeting the Labour leader himself to discuss why in the past people hadn’t bother to vote. The video below shows just how genuine the conversation was between the two, with Corbyn’s genuine interest in JME’s life. What particularly made me feel like Corbyn cares is his opinion on university education, where one of the policies is that he’ll abolish university tuition fees. “We’re talking a lot about your music, music and innovation but it’s also about improving that space to be creative, and that political space to be creative as well” is just one of the quotes that I picked out from the interview alone. As a creative student studying at the University of the Arts London, I love my degree and I love my university, I truly do learn the most out of tutors who help teach core softwares, but since 2009 there have been cuts from more than £56 million of art funding by local authorities. Creative subjects are extremely important, for how else are you going to enjoy your favourite comic strip? Or your favourite Leonardo DiCaprio film? Do you think he was born as an actor straight from the womb without any learning processes? Don’t think so.

Since their meeting, the hashtag #Grime4Corbyn emerged. Other artists also shared their political view-points such as Lowkey with a really passionate and factual political view and AJ Tracey discussing how he may not own a house in Ladbroke Grove, where he grew up all his life. Creatives have created clothing to help boost the Labour political agenda. Here are a few of my favourite examples:

These t-shirts could not have been created without a graphic designer or someone who majored in textiles. The more people who voice their political views, including MC rappers who are influential enough to influence a wide audience are crucial to depict their agenda. We finally have a chance to change the outcome of our country without fearing for our future.

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to put my political views onto anyone, it’s really important to form your own opinion on the election; educate yourself and vote for what YOU believe in and not what news outlets are telling you. Don’t let the propaganda fool you, and vote on June 8th.




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