Schuh x Adidas: Campus

Adidas is the brand that ultimately has it all. From Gazelle to Superstars, the brand knows how to read the public domain in bringing out fashionable shoes for all kinds of people, whether they’re street-fashion or high-end fashion. I have to say, you all must stop sleeping on Adidas’ most comfortable shoes; Campus.

Back in June, (yes I know I am very late with this blog post) I was lucky enough to be given a chance to go to a special event held by Adidas for Schuh employees. I wasn’t too sure of what to make of the night at first, but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

We were at a secret location, and inside there was an arcade basketball machine. I used to play basketball back in year 9, I have to say my skills got a bit rusty after 6 years. Little bit confused, but amazed by the entire set out, I had no idea why these things were here. There was even a The Beastie Boys vinyl. Very random.

It wasn’t until after we got taught about the Campus shoes I clocked onto why the surrounding was so eccentric and why there IS a parallel to basketball and The Beastie Boys, believe it or not. Originally, the shoe wasn’t even called Campus. It used to be called ‘Tournament’ in the early ’70s, which was worn by basketball players during their games then later in the ’80s the name Campus had been birthed.

As a big fan of Hip-Hop, I was delighted to know that acts like Run DMC and The Beastie Boys religiously wore Campus. The Beastie Boys had always stanned Campus, who could blame them? The shoes are so comfortable and light, it almost feels as though you’re walking on clouds.

Now, after the education on Campus shoes the fun and games began. We were put into teams of six to play on the arcade basketball machines, where as I mentioned earlier I was a bit rusty, might’ve been the beers? Paired with my two fav OC crew, we didn’t even make it past the first round. It was kinda embarrassing. After that, more drinks and food were given to us. Adidas could have not been better hosts.

Adidas Campus by Klaudia Oprzedek

After a good evening of education and alcoholic beverages, we were gifted a pair of Campus shoes by the company! And let me tell you what you’re probably wondering, why Campus, not Gazelle? Are they not the same thing? The answer is nah. Campus shoes are more soft shelled, and a lot lighter on your feet which allows you to not get as tired so quickly, that’s the beauty of them. Cop a pair and stop sleeping on Campus.